Additional Criteria Introduced by Treasury for R350 Eligibility in 2024

Treasury for R350 Eligibility in 2024

Treasury for R350 Eligibility in 2024 We strongly encourage low to medium-income households in South Africa to peruse this article. It will provide you with detailed information regarding the additional criteria that the Treasury is implementing to determine eligibility for the New R350 Grant.

The eligibility criteria for the SRD Grant have been extended until March 2025, with Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana allocating R34 billion for ongoing payments. Treasury will continue to enforce strict criteria to assess eligibility, taking into account factors such as bank account balances.

Treasury for R350 Eligibility in 2024 In order to prevent ineligible individuals from obtaining the grant, measures will be taken. National Treasury has introduced two new eligibility criteria for the New R350 Grant as part of their efforts to crack down on those who abuse the system.

New R350 Eligibility Criteria Overview

Article ThemeNew R350 Eligibility Criteria
Complete Name of the GrantSocial Relief of Distress Grant (SRD 350)
Provided BySouth Africa
Administered BySASSA
New Eligibility CriteriaDiscussed Below
Announced ByFinance Minister Enoch Godongwana

To gain a deeper understanding of the New R350 Eligibility Criteria and the significance of the R350 grant, we invite you to delve into this article. Here, we will explore both the current and new eligibility criteria.

For those currently without employment

A monthly sum of R350 is available as a Special COVID-19 social grant to provide financial support. Initially introduced in 2020 as a means to assist those affected by the pandemic, the SRD award has since become a crucial form of aid for millions of South Africans. Each month, nearly 7 million individuals receive this grant from the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa).

Treasury for R350 Eligibility in 2024 To begin the process of receiving financial assistance, it is necessary to apply for the SRD SASSA grant if you meet the qualifying requirements and are in need. This can be done online through the SASSA mobile application or website.

In an effort to ensure that only deserving applicants receive funding, the National Treasury has added two additional criteria to determine eligibility for the R350 grant. One of these new criteria is the verification that applicants do not possess multiple bank accounts. Additionally, if you have R670 in your bank account, you will not be eligible for the social relief of distress grant.

Treasury for R350 Eligibility in 2024 By exploiting loopholes in the system, some individuals are able to manipulate their bank accounts and evade the regulations put in place to ensure that only deserving individuals receive the grant.
Current Eligibility Criteria for the R350 Grant

In order to be eligible for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) award, applicants must fulfill specific criteria.

They must be unemployed and be either citizens or permanent residents of South Africa between the ages of 18 and 59. Additionally, individuals with special permits and permanent residency status are also eligible for the SRD award.

Treasury for R350 Eligibility in 2024 It is important to note that recipients of the SRD award should not be beneficiaries of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) or the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), as this support should not be provided by the South African government or any affiliated institution.
Closing Remarks

Treasury for R350 Eligibility in 2024 To ensure that individuals have not secured employment in the meantime, it is necessary for them to reapply for the SRD award every three months, as stated by Modise. This is because if a person’s income exceeds the income threshold set for the grant, they are no longer eligible.

Out of the 11.3 million applicants who met the eligibility criteria after the new requirements were implemented in April, only 5.2 million were selected, according to actual statistics.

Treasury for R350 Eligibility in 2024

Since the eligibility criteria for the New R350 have become less strict, a staggering 10.5 million individuals have been able to benefit from the program. We are delighted to have been able to assist you by providing the most recent update on the eligibility criteria for the New R350.

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